Frequently asked questions

Your Holiworker employees work daily in a professional coworking space, with other Holiworkers from different French companies. This space is fully equipped with open offices; closed and private rooms are also available for conference and phone calls. 

Daily, your employees will benefit from an app called Holicompanion, which will guide them in their administrative processing, accompany them in their new daily lives and facilitate communication and follow-up by their manager.

The collaborators will have at disposal in our coworking all the necessary tools to communicate with your company. Meeting rooms and private offices are available for meetings with their managers, clients, or partners.

Depending on what you wish for your collaborator, you can require him to work at the coworking daily or let him free to work from home, for example. 

Multiple printers will be available so that your employees can print according to their needs. However, we will focus on the optimal use of digital tools to limit the environmental footprint.

On-site, our Holicoach is your reference and your employee's.

A monthly review is planned between the Holicoach and the Holiworker.

A daily follow-up is asked to the Holiworker and is forwarded to you (via the Holicompanion app).

If your employee asks for a leave, the usual request and validation process applies. We will be informed through the weekly time tracking.

The Holicoach is not the manager of the Holiworker. However, he will guarantee the respect of coworking open-hours and internal-rules, and the professional involvement of the Holiworker.

Upon returning to France, the employee will be reintegrated into his team under the conditions and in the position stipulated in his employment contract.

During his stay abroad, the employee's contract remains active. Therefore, he/she remains part of your workforce. However, if they work in another country, they are detached from the social security system.

Insofar as the employee works and resides abroad, you must maintain the continuity of their contributions to the unemployment scheme. In addition to this, there may be some specific obligations in your collective agreement that we will study.

Holiworking informs your employee about the destination's security before departure (part of the Holiworker contract) and continuously through our Holicompanion application. In the host country, the Holicoach guarantees regular meetings and checks of the Holiworker's attendance. However, your company remains responsible for the employee's safety under the legal requirements of French law.

Your employee is subject to the local legislation of the country of destination. Holiworking ensures the compliance of Holiworker with the laws and taxes due locally. Holiworking is supported in each country by a specialized accounting and legal firm. 

We will do our best so that the Holiworking experience of your collaborator does not take you extra time to setup and manage.

That is why Holiworking makes it easy. Setting-up the Holiworker contractual form takes less than one hour.

The documents to be processed / validated are the following:

1 / A sample letter to request his/her international mobility, mailed by your employee: this ensures the tracking of his/her wish once archived in his/her personal file.

2/ An amendment to your employment contract, considering the new scope: we will submit a template validated by our experts, based on your current contract and collective agreement.

3/ Signature of the service contract and payroll handover between Holiworking and you

4/ Forwarding instructions to your payroll department (internally or externally) for the preparation of adequate payslips during your employee's Holiworking period. We will provide you with a standard template validated by our experts to make it easier for the payroll department. We will also send you a checklist of every action to be carried out with third parties (like social security, health insurance, pension funds) if your employee is not self-sufficient.

None, except for the monthly payslip.

Your payroll department will set-up its payslip, considering the Holiworker's status during his international stay. You will be able to rely on the template we provide to save time.

During his Holiworking experience, your collaborator carries out his professional activity abroad. He is subject to local legislation in terms of labor and social laws.

Your compulsory obligations as an employer are:

- to uphold compulsory employer’s contributions

- to inform and monitor the safety of your employee

- to provide possible obligations related to your agreement.

Your employee, therefore, leaves the original social security system, the complementary health insurance, which is no longer valid, the pension system, and all other contributions that apply to professional practice on French soil.

As far as your employee's security is concerned, our documents contain important information validated by the employee. Regularly, we will forward you information on the country's situation evolution, if necessary. 

The FAQs do not deal with the specifics of collective agreements on a case-by-case basis, but these topics are studied by our legal services and considered.

The management of your employee obviously remains yours, concerning his/her mission.

However, a Holicoach (local Holiworking referent) is at his side to supervise his/her work within the coworking and to make sure that he/she benefits from optimal working conditions. The Holicoach is your point of contact for everything concerning their attendance, the execution of their mission, and their work conditions. The Holicoach role is essential: he follows the collaborators from their arrival in the host country to their departure, promotes their integration, and helps them discover the country.

For 5 collaborators departing simultaneously, Holiworking offers a trip for a manager for a defined period (return flight and accommodation). This is an opportunity for the manager to see the working conditions of his Holiworkers and to take stock of the situation with them.

In each country, our Holicoach accompanies your collaborators during their stay.

He is the referent between you, Holicompany, and your Holiworkers. He will guarantee your collaborators' attendance and make sure their mission is carried out in optimal conditions.

The Holicoach is there to reassure you; he will bring a professional framework and some personal support to your collaborators.

Of course, managers are welcome to come to the host country to discuss with their employees and get an overview of their working environment and conditions.

For a simultaneous departure of 5 employees, the manager's trip is offered by Holiworking.

The COVID-19 crisis has allowed many of us to experience it. Hybrid management requires increased vigilance. It is also a real opportunity for managers to question themselves on their management.

To train the manager and optimize his new management mode, Holiworking offers you two coaching sessions on remote-work management. The employee training on that topic is also planned during his stay. 

Upon your employees' departure, it is advisable to set up a follow-up routine with the manager. At any time, depending on your agreement with the employee you can, , organize video conference interviews. 

A Holicoach will also guarantee the Holiworkers' attendance follow-up and working conditions. He will be a critical touchpoint between them and their manager to ensure a seamless experience.

Choosing a place to live is very personal.

Holiworkers can choose an individual accommodation, and in this case, Holiworking can put them in touch with agencies.

But if they wish, Holiworking can also offer :

  • Homestay accommodation for a complete immersion
  • A housing in a back-packer mode
  • A coliving between Holiworkers

Unless your company has agreed to pay for it, accommodation in the host country remains the responsibility of your Holiworkers, as would it be in France.

If you wish, you can take care of your employee's accommodation by agreeing with him/her according to his/her personal choice. 

Your company's complementary health insurance puts on hold the Holiworkers' cover. The insurances included in the Holiworking package take it over.

From the day your employee returns to France, gets reintegrated into your staff, and again belongs to the French Social Security, your complementary health insurance covers him.

As for a couple or a family departure, the complementary health insurance can be carried over during the whole stay abroad to avoid the spouse from being uncovered upon his/her return. Holiworking accompanies you in this choice.

If your Holiworker is ill in the host country, he can see a doctor and get treated on the spot. His Cap Tempo Expat travel insurance (CHAPKA ASSURANCES) covers unlimited medical expenses without any deductible in case of :

  • Unpredictable illnesses: flu, otitis, bronchitis, urinary infection, appendicitis...

  • Covid-19 contamination;

  • Accidents: fractures, cuts, burns;

  • Urgent dental care: abscess, tooth rabies, tooth decay ... up to 500€;

  • Prescribed physiotherapy following an accident;

  • Hospitalization;

  • Relative’s presence in case of hospitalization: Roundtrip ticket and hotel;

  • Urgent treatments that cannot wait for a return to your country of residence.

In the event of an accident or illness requiring repatriation, your Travel Expatriation Insurance from Chapka Assurances will cover the following costs:

  • Repatriation 7/7 and 24/24

  • Return ticket in case of hospitalization or death of a relative

  • Search and rescue expenses

  • Civil liability

  • Death and Disability.

In the event of a work stoppage, disability, or death, Holiworkers also benefit from a good Malakoff Humanis health insurance subscribed by Holiworking.

Your employee leaves the pension plan set up in your company.

We consider that the risk of disability, death, temporary incapacity to work, must be very well covered.

We have therefore subscribed to a French specialist, MALAKOFF HUMANIS, a good collective provident insurance contract, that goes beyond the conventional requirements such as Syntec for instance.

Your employee leaves the French pension system.

Depending on the destination country, registration to the local scheme may be mandatory and is supported by Holiworking.

As far as the French scheme is concerned, the Holiworker has several options:

-  no pension contribution during the Holiworking period;

-  subscription to the CFE pension insurance at his expense to record his expatriation quarters.

The Holiworking experience of your employee is set to cost his usual gross salary + employer taxes.

Therefore, no additional cost is expected unless you wish to take over some of his expenses to promote this experience.

The service contract/payment mandate established between Holiworking France and your company will result in an invoice based on the following principle.


The plane ticket is at the Holiworkers’ expense unless:

  • You have a specific agreement with him.
  • Holiworking offers a special deal.

Going abroad and live this experience is, above all, for your employees, the opportunity to make a dream come true and grow humanly, as well as a lever of motivation. The benefit is yours. At no cost for your company, you build your employees' loyalty and help them develop personally and professionally.

It goes without saying that you are, for new talents, an employer that gives high value to its human resources by offering this new way of working.

Having these Holiworkers on your team will bring you additional openness, creativity, and flexibility as they get back. This can be an opportunity to consider internal mobility, open new markets, etc. Whatever the outcome of this Holiworking experience, it will provide added value to your organization.

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