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Why live in Merida ?


Merida and the Yucatan region offer extraordinary natural and cultural wealth. It is an open-air museum from the Gulf of Mexico turquoise sea to the Mayan sites, cenotes, and city. With its rich Mayan origins and colonial history, Merida is a confluence of diverse cultures. As soon as you arrive, you will be immersed in this richness and will not stop feeding yourself with this culture, making it your own.

For your leisure, there is no room for boredom. From lazing on white-sand beaches to discovering archaeological sites and cultural events of all kinds, get ready to be amazed. Merida is also a family-friendly, relaxing environment far from Mexico City's capital (Merida is considered the 2nd safest metropolis in the Americas in 2019). Whatever your age or family situation, Merida is the place for you.

Coworking space in MauritiusCoworking space in Mauritius

The coworking space in Merida is just like Holiworking. Open to the world offers an ideal working environment, helps networking, and allows you to meet people from various backgrounds. These premises provide both common spaces and private offices to maintain confidentiality if necessary.
You will also have access to meeting rooms for video-conferencing with your colleagues in France.

The Coworking space in Merida also focuses on the community, allowing events such as lunches or after works to facilitate extra-professional sharing.

A rich history

Merida was once one of the wealthiest cities in the world, thanks to the henequen plantations. Wealthy landowners built their colonial mansions in town while workers lived in or near the plantations. This past wealth is visible today with the wide tree-lined boulevards, similar to those built in Europe at the same time.

The Cathedral and other important buildings in the region were also built at the same time. The region's unique geographic location (the original Mayan city was built on five hills) allowed it to develop separately from most of Mexico, bringing out its traditions while preserving the Yucatecan Mayan language, which is still spoken by about one-third of the population.

Remains of an incredible history.Remains of an incredible history.

For history lovers, Merida and its region are a real open-air museum. The remains of the Mayan civilization are numerous and can be visited. The archeological site of Chichén Itzá, one of the seven new wonders of the world, will take your breath away. You will discover the step pyramid El Castillo which overhangs the ancient city.

Finally, going back even further, you can visit Chicxulub Puerto, the impact site of the asteroid that caused the dinosaurs’ extinction. The six months or one year of your stay will not be too much to discover Yucatan’s wonders.

Breathtaking landscapes.

Between land and sea, the landscape diversity offered by the Yucatan has few equivalents in the world. The beaches of Sisal, Progreso, and Telchac Puerto, elected the best spot in the world for sunbathing, will delight idleness lovers. For nature lovers, the Cenotes (freshwater reserves in the middle of the Jungle) will offer an incredible experience in postcard settings.

A gastronomy similar to its history, from Mayan origins to colonial influences.A gastronomy similar to its history, from Mayan origins to colonial influences.

Yucatan cuisine is fusion cuisine. Rooted in the Mayan culture, with ingredients such as tomato, turkey, chili, corn, and pumpkin, other foods have also had a prominent place since the Spanish colonization, such as pork, bacon, and Seville orange. This flavors’ crossroads offers the Yucatan gastronomy an infinite diversity.

Mauritius in numbers ?

892 363

This is Merida’s number of inhabitants in 2015.


The number of cities with the same name in the world (in Spain, Venezuela, and the Philippines)


The percentage of the population of Mayan descent. This makes Merida
the Mexican city with the highest rate of indigenous people in the country.

Time zone: -6/7h

You will need to be independent in your job, plan to telecommute early in the morning or late at night to interact with your colleagues in France.

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