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Bali, in between mountains, rice paddies, and white sand beaches, living in Bali, is the dream destination to live and work in a paradisiacal and wild environment.

Why live in Bali?


Bali, an Indonesian island in the Indian Ocean, is one of the archipelago's largest islands and receives the most tourists. Famous for its wooded mountains, rice paddies, beaches, and coral reefs, its rich flora and fauna ensure a complete change of scenery compared to Europe.

Bali is also the assurance of a friendly atmosphere where "social/human" interaction is omnipresent. 

The island is also a religious sanctuary, housing many monuments dedicated to worship, such as the Uluwatu temple built on top of a sheer cliff. 

For the city dwellers, Denpasar, the largest city on the island, welcomes you with its many bars and its lively nightlife. 

The dry season, from April to October, is the ideal time to enjoy the island's wonders, but the rainy season can also be an unusual experience! 

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Coworking space in BaliCoworking space in Bali

The coworking space in Bali is just like Holiworking. Open to the world, it offers an ideal working environment, helps networking, and allows you to meet people from various backgrounds. These premises offer both common spaces and private offices to maintain confidentiality if necessary. You will also have access to meeting rooms for video-conferencing with your colleagues in France.

The Coworking space in Bali also focuses on the community, allowing events such as lunches or after works to facilitate extra-professional sharing.

Gastronomy and drinks

Quite like Chinese gastronomy, it offers many specialties! 

Street food is all over the city, the countless street vendors offer many traditional dishes at very affordable prices! 

The Urab, a delicious mix of coconuts, beans, or other finely chopped vegetables with spices and chili peppers has a special place there. 

Balinese drinks are also numerous. Arak, a 35 to 50-degree alcohol specialty, is often consumed during cockfighting or as an offering during religious ceremonies. Living in Bali is the guarantee to discover exotic and a lifestyle.

Unheard-of biodiversityUnheard-of biodiversity

Bali is known for its biodiversity richness. The natural park of Bali Barat is a sanctuary. 

Flowers are appreciated on the island and are commonly used for temple and garden decoration. They are also used as offerings during religious ceremonies and are entirely part of Balinese culture.

The fauna is as rich inland as in the sea. 

The crab monkey is omnipresent on the hiking trails and wander freely in the temple of Pura Pulaki.

The island of Bali has more than 300 different species of birds.

Visiting Bali is an opportunity to observe its seabed treasures, such as the corals or dolphins of Lovina Beach in the north of the island.

Swimming with turtles or manta rays is now within flipper range.

Balinese Hinduism

Unlike the rest of Indonesia, where most citizens are Muslims, most of Bali's inhabitants - about 90% - practice some form of Hinduism.

Their lively festivals are a MUST! 

The Galungan ceremony, the largest festival in Bali, is celebrated every 210 days and lasts for 10 days. It celebrates the victory of virtue (dharma) over evil (adharma). The famous Barong dance, during which dancers move from one temple to another, providing offerings to the gods, is a colorful event.

…and many more riches treasures to discover…and many more riches treasures to discover

Art is also central to the life in Bali, with its songs, dances, plays and sculptures. By the way, Bali’s language does not feature the word "artist", art is simply part of the everyday life. 

The time goes according to three calendars. The saka, Hindu calendar that follows the moon cycles, the wuku, the calendar of Balinese festivals and the Gregorian used to plan daily life in Bali.

Most Balinese welcome foreigners with open arms so that they feel at home.

Adapting to this new lifestyle is therefore easy.

Bali in numbers

3 900 000 


This is Bali's number of inhabitants in 2020. Bali is also one of the most popular destinations in the world. 




This is the island size (km2). Bali is a small territory size wise but massive in terms of culture and biodiversity. Living in Bali is a colorful adventure.





A bit of history, this is the year of Bali's independence, following the revolution..




Time zone: +6/7h

It is the assurance of teleworking at least half a day in a fluid way with your colleagues in France.

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