How was the Holiworking workation concept born?How was the Holiworking workation concept born?

The idea was born in Botswana in 2019, around a campfire... 

The concept was: how to allow the greatest number of people to experience exceptional moments abroad while guaranteeing professional continuity? In other words, workation. 

In an ever more open world, the desire for mobility and the difficulty for companies to recruit and/or retain talents is a reality.

With this in mind, we have designed a turnkey solution adapted to the needs of companies and their employees

Holiworking was born as an Experience facilitator.

How was the Holiworking workation concept born?
Our vision

Our visionOur vision

Let's imagine a world where mobility, discovery and sharing would be at the center of the ecosystem - a committed and metamorphosed world, with rethought ways of working and value creation.

Quite a vision...

Our missionOur mission

Boost professional and self-development as part of an immersive stay abroad. This experience is workation.

Many people want to go abroad, yet most never take the plunge. Together, we overcome both personal and professional obstacles.

Our mission
An answer to your aspirations

An answer to your aspirationsAn answer to your aspirations

Holiworking is the synthesis of:

  • Our thirst for discovery and our need for anchoring
  • Our desire for change and our need for security
  • Respect for our professional commitment and personal development

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