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Travel, discover new cultures, reinvent your everyday life, are you up for it?

Discover remote working abroad.

Holiworking offers you to travel to dream-like destinations for six months or a year, working remotely for your current company.

A professional and personal stopover A professional and personal stopover

Holiworking gives you the opportunity to keep your job and get to work abroad in a dream-like destination. 

Holiworking is the turnkey solution for you and your employer.

It did not exist. Holiworking did it.

An extraordinary life-experience An extraordinary life-experience

Working remotely abroad for a few months is a source of openness and personal development. 

Adapting to a new way of life, discovering a new culture, communicating in another language, and meeting new people are opportunities for a change of scenery and self-fulfillment.

On the spot, your Holicoach takes care of your reception, integration and supports you on all administrative processing.

Boosted immersion Boosted immersion

Because Holiworking makes your administrative processing and logistics simple before departure and on-site,

Because our Holicoach has at heart to make you discover the country and its culture,

Because we offer you to integrate a local associative network, 

Holiworking promotes your immersion, rich in interactions.

Guaranteed professional continuity Guaranteed professional continuity

Get abroad without any professional break by continuing to work for your company.

The continuity of your mission within your company carries on seamlessly working remotely.

Holiworking is a short expatriation with the guarantee of a successful return.

Your departure is prepared and your return organized; you can dive freely into this interlude.

Holiworking sets-up a tailored-made contractual framework with you and your company, with no extra cost for the latter and the guarantee to keep 80% to 100% of your net salary on the spot.

Your return is the resumption of your daily life, with stars in your eyes.


3 months

Get a taste of the Holiworking experience

Easy to implement (organizational and managerial). Suitable for jobs requiring regular face-to-face interaction with clients. Ideal for a first expatriation experience or a breath of fresh air.

6 months

An interlude open to the world

Long enough to discover a country and culture and open up a change of scenery. A 6 months Holiworking experience is easy to organize from a professional point of view.

12 months

Discover in-depth the country. Ideal for a family

Allows a total immersion and in-depth discovery of the country. The ideal way to experience a stay abroad with your family-your kids will be able to attend school for an entire year.

3x4 months

The globetrotter plan

If you are interested in discovering the world in all its facets, this plan is for you. 3 or 4 destinations of your choice!

3 months

Get a taste of the Holiworking experience

Easy to implement (organizational and managerial). Suitable for jobs requiring regular face-to-face interaction with clients. Ideal for a first expatriation experience or a breath of fresh air.


Open Destinations Open Soon
South Africa

Cape Town - South Africa

Cape Town, the ideal destination to combine urban lifestyle and wilderness jaunts.


Bali - Indonesia

Bali, in between mountains, rice paddies, and white sand beaches, living in Bali, is the dream destination to live and work in a paradisiacal and wild environment.


Rabat - Maroc

Rabat is a capital that looks like a small town. Life is lovely there, the weather is beautiful eight months a year, and this city's intellectual and cultural offer can only fulfill you.


Toronto - Canada

As a trendy, cosmopolitan and high-tech town, Toronto is the Canadian city to live in.

Cape Verde

Sal Island - Cape Verde

Cape Verde is an archipelago of volcanic paradise islands off the West African coast.


Port-Louis - Mauritius

Do you dream of working with your feet in the sand in the middle of a lagoon with turquoise waters? Direction Mauritius!


Merida - Mexico

Dive into the cenotes, visit the Mayan temples and work in a city where life is good, what do you think? Direction Mérida!


Koh Samui - Thaïland

Koh Samui, the largest of the three islands that make up the Thai archipelago, features fine sandy beaches and emerald waters, allowing you to telework in a natural tropical paradise.

Costa Rica

Ciudad Colón - Costa Rica

Costa Rica, a Central American state between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, provides a fantastic place to telework in a natural open-air oasis, in contact with biodiversity unique in the world.


Tuléar region - Madagascar

Holiworking invites you to embark on a 3-month journey to southwest Madagascar as part of the Holiworker Volontaire program, in partnership with ABC DOMINO.


Florianopolis - Brazil

Florianopolis is South America's Silicon Valley! A resolutely European city on an island that combines countless beaches, limitless activities, intense nightlife, security and economic dynamism.


Playa del Carmen - Mexico

Off the Caribbean coast, between beaches, cenotes and parks, Playa del Carmen is a little Mexican paradise where you can telework for 3 to 6 months.


Montreal - Canada

Montreal, North America's most European city, will appeal to you for many reasons if you're considering telecommuting to Montreal for a few months.

South Korea

Seoul - South Korea

South Korea, to immerse yourself in a fascinating society that blends age-old traditions with cutting-edge technology, while enjoying breathtaking scenery and delicious cuisine.


Salvador de Bahia - Brazil

Salvador de Bahia, located on the magnificent Brazilian coast, enchants visitors with its paradisiacal beaches, vibrant Afro-Brazilian culture and captivating colonial heritage.

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