Sal Island

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From the turquoise blue lagoons to the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean, through the cosmopolitan culture with Caribbean accents, welcome to this colorful archipelago, Cape Verde.

Why live in Cape Verde


Located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, more than 800km from the Senegalese coast, the Cape Verde archipelago forms, with the Canaries and the Azores, Macaronesia. Composed of a dozen volcanic islands between the 14th and 18th parallels North, the archipelago is home to landscapes as diverse as majestic.

It will be easy for you to get there, this one having no less than four international airports, with numerous flights from and to Europe. From hiking on the slopes of Pico do Fogo, an active volcano and the highest point of Cape Verde at more than 2800m, to the beach of Santa Maria where fishers and kite surfers mix in a warm atmosphere, Esteja Preparado (Be ready)!

Coworking space in Cape VerdeCoworking space in Cape Verde

The coworking space in Cape Verde is just like Holiworking. Open to the world, it offers an ideal working environment, helps networking, and allows you to meet people from various backgrounds. These premises provide both common spaces and private offices to maintain confidentiality if necessary. You will also have access to meeting rooms for video-conferencing with your colleagues in France.

The Coworking space in Cape Verde also focuses on the community, allowing events such as lunches or after works to facilitate extra-professional sharing.

Breathtaking landscapes

Among the ten or so islands of the Cape Verde archipelago, the variety of landscapes and outdoor activities will satisfy all Holiworkers! Lovers of idleness and extensive sandy beaches will have the choice between the island of Sal and Boa Vista (the island with dunes).

For budding photographers looking for breathtaking landscapes, head for the Viana desert, one of the seven wonders of Cape Verde, but also Brava, the smallest island of the archipelago. For Holiworkers looking for authenticity and human interaction, we recommend Sao Nicolau Island, characterized by the kindness of its people.

Finally, for sporty types, put Cape Verde on your to-do list. From the steep slopes of Pico de Fogo to trekking on the paths of Santa Antao, you will discover a breathtaking nature between luxuriant valleys and volcanic desert.

A culture just like its populationA culture just like its population

A former Portuguese colony, Cape Verde, independent since 1975, has a rich culture resulting from its African and Portuguese roots. Cesária Évora, now deceased, is its standard ambassador. World-famous, she contributed to the popularization of the morna, traditional Cape Verdean music, mainly thanks to her song Sodade.

This multi-colored culture is reflected in its population's composition since mestizo descendants of African slaves and Spanish and Portuguese Jews represent more than 2/3 of the people.

583 255

This is the number of inhabitants of Cape Verde in 2020, making it one of the least populated countries in Africa.


This is the year the archipelago's earned its independence.


This is the number of international airports in the archipelago is significant considering its size and location in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.




Time zone: +2/3h

It is the assurance of teleworking smoothly with your colleagues in France.

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