Frequently asked questions

You work daily in a professional coworking space with other Holiworkers from different French companies. This space is fully equipped with open offices. Closed and private rooms are also available for conference calls.

Your employment contract remains active during your stay abroad, so you are still an employee of your company. However, you are detached from the French Social Security system.

Besides, you are also attached to the various mandatory local schemes, based on your destination, to comply with local legislation. Do not worry; Holiworking takes care of it all.

Indeed, you must bring your own computer and respect your company security policy and IT chart.

Choosing a place to stay is very personal, especially abroad. 

You can choose individual accommodation. Holiworking can put you in touch with estate agencies.

But if you wish, Holiworking can also offer the following options:

·       Homestay accommodation for complete immersion.

·       Backpacker accommodation

·       Co-living with Holiworkers

Backpackers or youth hostel. You can rent a room in a dormitory with other people at a low cost. This is the ideal accommodation for people who do not have a very high budget and are not looking for maximum comfort. It is a great opportunity to meet people, share your daily life with people from all over the world and live unique moments. 

The co-living, a room in a flatshare, generally very appreciated by expatriates. The co-living allows you to live in a room while benefiting from the common spaces, and to share your daily life with other people. It allows you to live in conviviality, while keeping your privacy, having your own room. 

Homestay accommodation is the best option for full immersion. Discover the way of life, the people culture, live unforgettable moments, learn the local language, etc. This kind of accommodation is far from being pricy.

For those who are willing to preserve their independence and enjoy a whole house, Holiworking will also offer studios and apartments in the city center. 

Of course. It is even strongly recommended to travel and live this experience with your family to allow your children to discover the international scene.

Accommodation is at your expense, just like in France.

During your stopover abroad, your paid leave management related to your employment contract's execution goes on (same rights, same conditions, same calculation).

The Holiworking interlude begins on the 1st of the month and ends on the last day of a full month to simplify the administrative and contractual management with your employer.

Thus, your departure will take place around the first of the month and your return before the last day of the last month. Depending on the flights, you may have to take a few days off, given that transfer days are not considered working days for your employer.

On the other hand, as we are launching the business in 2021, you can benefit from a free flight if you are part of the first wave. Beware, this is a special offer… so hurry up!

Holiworking assists you in all administrative matters for your expatriation.

Depending on the country, the steps, required documents, and the process are not the same. No stress, we will guide you...

There is no obligation for the airline selection. We leave the booking up to you, according to your availability and budget.

No, traveling with a Holiteam member is not necessary, as we will meet you up at the airport upon arrival in the country.

Restrictions are based on the airline policy. Holiworking does not impose any baggage allowance.

However, if you wish to ship a trunk before you leave, we can receive it and store it until your arrival.

If you or a family member gets sick in the host country, you can consult a doctor and receive treatment on the spot. Your Voyage Expatriation Cap Tempo Expat insurance from CHAPKA Assurance covers unlimited medical expenses without a deductible in case of:

·       Unpredictable illnesses: flu, otitis, bronchitis, urinary infection, appendicitis...

·       Covid-19 contraction

·       Accidents: fractures, cuts, burns...

·       Urgent dental care: abscess, tooth rabies, tooth decay ... up to 500€.

·       Prescribed physiotherapy following an accident 

·       Hospitalization

·       Relative’s presence in case of hospitalization: Roundtrip ticket and hotel

·       Urgent treatments that cannot wait for a return to your country of residence

·       In the event of an accident or illness requiring repatriation, your Travel Expatriation Insurance from Chapka Assurances will cover the following costs: 

o   Repatriation 7/7 and 24/24

o   Return ticket in case of hospitalization or death of a relative

o   Search and rescue expenses

o   Civil liability

o   Death and Disability.

·       In case of the work stoppage, disability, or death, you also benefit from a good Malakoff Humanis health insurance subscribed by Holiworking.

During your stay, your company health insurance is on hold. You are then covered by your Voyage Expatriation Cap Tempo Expat insurance from CHAPKA Assurances and by the Holiworking health insurance called Malakoff Humanis.

That is not the kind of subject we want to think about. So, Holiworking has done it for you.

Holiworking takes out a death, disability, and temporary work incapacity insurance on your behalf with MALAKOFF HUMANIS. We have selected a good level of cover. We will, of course, give you all the elements during the departure process. Beware, as with any insurance contract, some exclusionary conditions are imposed by the organizations. We will make you read and validate them.

CHAPKA Assurances cover repatriation.

We will support you before your departure to open an international Revolut bank account for your convenience and security. Opening an account with them takes a few minutes, and you can create it directly from your phone.

Off the plane, a Holicoach will meet you at the airport, show you the different places across the city, and take you to your coworking office and accommodation. As far as your installation and integration in the host country are concerned, the Holicoach is your referent.

Your transfer, as well as that of your luggage, are taken care of by Holiworking upon arrival at the airport up until your accommodation.

The pension contributions during your stay are not included in the Holiworking package. If you do not want to lose any annuity for your retirement pension, Holiworking offers you the possibility to subscribe to the CFE's retirement insurance for you and your wife, if applicable. You then contribute as you do in France, and your contributions are paid to the Retirement Insurance, which takes care of updating your individual retirement account.

Each Holiworker is free to keep on contributing or not. Being quite personal and having interviewed many young people, most of them prefer an immediate income, given the potential pension drop on the long run.

The buyout is always possible afterwards.

You keep 80 to 100% of your monthly net salary. This is Holiworking's promise, and this is what will be reported to your employment contract addendum.

To commit to the exact amount, we need to make a simulation based on:

·       your country of destination

·       the package you choose: 6 months, 12 months, 3x4 months

·       your current contract and salary, and the collective labor agreement of your company

Income taxes in the country of destination remain at your expense as in France. Again, depending on your project, the simulation will give you an accurate picture of what to expect.

Our goal is to make it crystal clear. We want the experience to be positive and with no surprises.

For most destinations, the living standard is much lower than in France. So, even with a lower net salary, your living standard will be higher.

We will ask you to take out a contract to set our respective commitments.

We will ask you:

- 250€ at the signing of the contract (once your company has given you an agreement in principle for your project with Holiworking)

- 50 € monthly through the duration of your stay.

For most destinations, the living cost is significantly lower than in France. For instance, in South Africa, for the same income, your purchasing power is doubled. Therefore, we encourage you to enjoy your stay and the wonderful experiences you will have there, twice as much.

It mainly depends on the host country and the length of your stay.

In general, if you stay for more than 6 months in a country, you are considered as a resident and subject to local income taxes. 

If you stay less than 6 months, you may be exempt. However, depending on the country you are in, this can vary.  

Beware; the income taxes can be relatively high compared to what you pay in France. All these elements will be provided in your simulation beforehand. On-site, we have a specialized office that will assist you with all these steps.

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