Working abroad: how does the dream come true?Working abroad: how does the dream come true?

By subscribing to our offer, you become Holiworker and embark with us towards your international stopover.

We set up a contract with your company (the Holicompany) at no extra cost for it, without waste of time nor surprise.

Your current employment contract remains active. Your departure implies an amendment to it for international mobility. Holiworking is committed to ensuring your remuneration abroad from 80 to 100% of your current net salary. The precise amount is to be studied together according to the package you choose, depending on the duration, country, and characteristics of your employment contract.

We assist you in all your administrative processing before your departure (obtaining a visa, opening a bank account, finding accommodation, health insurance, etc.). And we welcome you on the spot for your installation and integration in your host country.


The Holiworking promise: Make your experience as rich and easy to set up as possible!

Personal and professional supportPersonal and professional support

On arrival in your host country, your Holicoach will be there to:

  • Welcome you at the airport
  • Assist you in all administrative processing
  • Promote your integration
  • Ease the remote work management
  • Organize personal development training
  • Animate Holiworking after-works 
  • Introduce you to local associations
  • Suggest cultural activities
  • Be your main interlocutor in case of need
  • Be the Holiworking contact for your company

Your coworking space abroad Your coworking space abroad

  • A user-friendly workspace
  • All the required equipment and systems for your comfort and work
  • Daily unlimited Wi-Fi 
  • Private offices to preserve confidentiality 
  • Meeting rooms to have videoconferences with your colleagues in France 
  • A place to eat and relax

Multiple accommodation offers in your host countryMultiple accommodation offers in your host country

Choosing a place to live and feel comfortable is very personal, especially abroad. 
You can choose individual accommodation. Holiworking can put you in touch with estate agencies.
But if you wish, Holiworking can also offer the following options:
  • Homestay accommodation for full immersion.
  • Backpacker accommodation
  • Co-living with Holiworkers



Before departure

  • Holiworker/Holicompany contract
  • Visa
  • Help for lodging
  • Help with finding schools for children
  • Health insurance contract
  • Provident contract

Sur place

  • Accueil a l'aéroport
  • Coworking mis à disposition
  • Accompagnement immersif local du Holicoach
  • Suivi mensuel / reporting à l'entreprise
  • Accès à l'app Holicompanion pour l'onboarding
    et les Tips & Tricks à destination

Frais de dossier*

  • Solo 250€ + (25€ x mois)
  • Couple ou famille 380€ + (38€ x mois)
  • *250€ ou 380€ à la signature et le reste échelonné mensuellement. Prix dégressif en fonction de la durée.

Salaire à destination

  • Salaire net mensuel avant impôt 80 à 100% du net actuel

Reste à charge

  • Billet d'avion, logement, alimentation, loisirs, forfait téléphonique, etc..

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