Holiworking ensures, at no extra cost, the continuity of the mission of your employees in teleworking,

by allowing them to live an international experience from six to twelve months.

Because your employee's project is also yours, join the Holiworking concept!

Your employee abroadYour employee abroad

Human beings are one of your performance pillars.

Some of your employees have a job that is 100% compatible with teleworking,
and you are open to supporting an exceptional human and professional experience, compatible with their operational objectives :
you are a Holicompany!

Holiworking's promise: a simple implementation of your employee's expatriation project, at no extra cost for you, without waste of time and with the guarantee of rigorous supervision.

Together, we invent tomorrow's working methods.

An opportunity for your employer branding An opportunity for your employer branding 

Holiworking is a lever to retain your employees. 
Become a partner with your employee on their project and gain their long-term commitment.  
Holiworking is also a tool to recruit new talent
Give them opportunities for mobility, reinvent the way they work.
Holiworking can develop the innovative and human side of your employer branding.

Your employee's personal growth serving your companyYour employee's personal growth serving your company

The Holiworking experience is the guarantee of a new lease of life for your collaborator.

Let yourself be surprised by his willingness, his open-mindedness, and his soft skills.

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