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New-Delhi, IndeNew-Delhi, Inde

Located in the North of India, not far from Pakistan and Nepal, the sprawling Indian capital is a gateway to another world. Few cities offer such a change of scenery. Its rich history and culture are the result of the colonial past and major events that have profoundly shaped the identity of the country and its capital.

Its world-renowned gastronomy is colorful, just like the country. How better to appreciate Tandoori chicken, curry rice, or naans than in their country of origin?

New-Delhi is, above all, a destination for adventure lovers looking for an expatriation far from the western canons. The Music, the Bollywood films, the religious heritage, and its worship places all over the country such as Humayun's tomb, the Jama Masjid mosque, the Tāj Mahal, or the bathing on the Ganges’ banks, are all unique adventures that will forever mark your stay in India.

Working in India is the guarantee to live your life differently.

Time zone: + 3h30

It is the assurance of teleworking at least half a day in a fluid way with your colleagues in France.

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