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Published: 06-01-2022

You are an employer and, like many others, are facing difficulties in recruiting and/or retaining your employees. This reality is becoming more widespread and extends beyond the penurious markets. How can you avoid this pitfall? By boosting your attractiveness and responding to the new expectations of talents. What are these expectations? Mobility and a rethinking of daily life.

That's why we have created a turn-key solution capable of bringing together the desires of your employees and the challenges of your organization.

1/ And so what?

At Holiworking, we have two beliefs.
The first one is human; living overseas makes you grow, opens your mind, and develops skills. The second is that working remotely is not a fad but a new way of working.

To respond to the difficulties companies face and based on our beliefs, we have created a turn-key solution for short expatriation for 6 or 12 months in a dream destination while ensuring a seamless professional mission working remotely.

2/ Benefits for your organization

2.1 The Holiworking solution is a boost for your employer's brand

- Loyalty tool
- Recruitment tool
- Communication tool

2.2 You contribute to the improvement of the employee's career and self-development

- Reinforcement of their soft-skills
- Fulfillment in a new environment

2.3 You include your organization in an honest CSR approach

- Matching of the PRO project with the PERSONAL project
- Encouragement of associative commitment
- Optimized working conditions and follow-up
- Participation in HR innovation

2.4 And open up your company to the world

- Mastery of the international ecosystem
- Increased working hours to better serve your clients
- Development of your professional network

3/ How to become a Holicompany?

It's simple, fast, and secure. You remain in control of your strategy.

- You do not lose control of your collaborator.
- You choose who is eligible (quota per year, seniority, position, merit, etc.)

3.1 We accompany your collaborator before and during the experience to ensure a seamless professional mission.

3.2 We analyze your specificities, needs, and requirements and validate all the operational modalities:

- Model of amendment to the employment contract
- Contract with Holiworking-Holicompany payroll mandate (you)
- Payslip sample

3.3 We then prepare the departure of your collaborator with a rigorous follow-up of the Holiteam, which validates all the logistic aspects.


3.4 Throughout the experience, we offer you complete support by ensuring :

- Health care and the collaborator's compensation
- Support on arrival and integration in the host country
- The seamless conduct of the professional mission with the provision of a coworking space
- Regular reporting to your organization through the Holicoach (your point of contact in the host country)

4/ Destinations fitting your needs

South Africa, Mauritius, and Cape Verde allow your collaborator to work remotely and communicate fluidly with his colleagues in France.

Indonesia, Thailand, Costa Rica, and Mexico offer you the opportunity to increase your working hours and meet your customers' needs around the world.

So, ready to become the company everyone wants to work for?

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