Holilife: Where and when to go to enjoy the best weather conditions?

Published: 18-05-2022

If some people wish to escape the winter in France and spend Christmas in a bathing suit, others are looking for a bit of coolness during the summer vacations. The destination choice often comes after choosing the period; it is then relevant to consider the climate of each Holiworking destination, even though the weather is excellent in most of them all year long.


Costa Rica - Guanacaste Region (Samara)

🌴 Tropical climate

There are two seasons in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica, Pacific coast:
● The dry season runs from December to March. You often may not see a drop of rain during these four months. Temperatures are very high, above 30 °C. April is a transition month between the two seasons.
● The rainy season is from May to November. As its name suggests, it rains a lot; luckily, Guanacaste is not the most affected region. It is often very sunny in the morning, and the rains come mainly in the afternoon and early evening. The rainiest months are September and October due to the influence of cyclonic systems, monsoons from the equatorial Pacific Ocean, and sea breezes. 


Mexico - Yucatán (Mérida)

🌴 Tropical climate

The climate is favorable all year round, with a maximum temperature of 33 °C on average. However, there are two main seasons :
● A dry season from November to May. It does not rain much, and temperatures are pretty warm, but you will appreciate a slight drop in January. Rains are rare in February, the ideal period to enjoy the cenotes and other sites of Yucatan! March and April are transition months; the temperatures increase, and rain is still pending. 
● The Rainy season means a hot period from June to October. Indeed, temperatures are very high, especially around midday; showers may occur for a few minutes.


Cabo Verde - Sal Island

🌵 Arid tropical climate

Overall, the weather is good, and temperatures are stable throughout the year. The rainiest month is September, but rainfalls are rare throughout the remaining month of the year. The milder month is February, with an average temperature of 22°. There is no real winter in Cabo Verde (well, for us French). Beware, from December to February; you may experience solid winds. That period is perfect for windsurfing! On Sal Island, the climate is conditioned by the northeast trade winds.



South Africa - Cape Town

🌊 Mediterranean climate

In South Africa, we no longer speak of the dry season and rainy season but southern summer and southern winter:
● Austral summer: from December to March. The weather is hot and dry, and the weather is very sunny. The hottest month is January (average temperature of 24 °C). It is also the summer break period!
● Austral winter runs from April to November. You will spend a relatively mild winter but rainy and sometimes windy. Overall, the rainiest months are May, June, and July. 




🌴 Tropical climate

The climate is pleasant all year round, the perfect environment if you want to escape the European winter:
● It is hot (temperatures can exceed 30°C) and humid; Heavy rainfalls may happen. It does not rain that often. The wet season, the austral summer, runs from November to April.
● The dry season, the austral winter, runs from May to October. The winter is milder; ideal if you look for a cooler and drier climate. Temperatures are more bearable (17°C to 25°C). If you love surfing, Cape Town is for you!



Indonesia - Bali

🌴 Tropical climate

While the heat is present all year round, Bali has two very distinct seasons:
● The humid/rainy one runs from October to March. It is very hot with rainfall due to the northeast monsoon. The sun shines for a few hours a day, and it usually rains for about two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon.
● The dry season is from May to September. This is the best time for looking for "sun and warmth" and a little fresh air from June to September, which is not unwelcome in Bali. The water temperature is around 28°C all year round. 


Thailand - Koh Samui

🌴 Tropical climate

The climate in Koh Samui, as everywhere in Thailand, is a tropical monsoon climate, although there are two seasons:
● The dry season runs from January to April. The weather is dry and sunny, and it is very hot. There is very little rain, but you can feel a refreshing breeze; the ideal period is if you can bear temperatures ranging from 28 °C to 35 °C during the day. However, the sea air makes the climate more bearable than in Bangkok.
● The rainy season is from May to January. The temperatures are high, but the mildest months are December and January. We can distinguish two periods during the rainy season, from May to September, when the rains are pretty abundant, in the form of showers and short-lived thunderstorms, and between October and December, when the rains are torrential.

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