4 tips to enjoy the Holilife.

Published: 16-03-2022

"Live your best life!"

These words are being uttered all over the place and are invading the web. More and more influencers are urging their communities to follow their dreams. Many of their followers are ready to drop everything in the hope of reaching the grail.

Yet, for many, this statement seems out of reach.
How do you "live your best life" when you lack time? How do we find the time to live the life we want to live? How can we reconcile our professional life with our projects?

There is no need to revolutionize everything to live according to your needs and desires. Just stick to what matters. A change of environment is often enough.

You may have convinced your manager to let you work remotely (from abroad) or are about to do so - now, what's next?

How do you stay productive, creative, inspired, and up to your manager's trust and expectations? No stress, we'll walk you through it and give you some tips right here 👇.

1/ Remain open to change

Accepting change means allowing magic to happen, allowing opportunities you never anticipated to pop up, and allowing your daily life to be better than what you imagined (dreamed). In a few words, trust your ability to adapt to this new ecosystem.

Your dream life can begin today, depending on your state of mind. This journey into the "unknown" (not so much after all) has many beautiful things in store for you, including change, which is necessary for realizing this dream.

2/ Over-communicate

Communication is the key to the success of any professional mission, especially when working remotely. It is necessary to plan interactions with your manager and colleagues (project, upcoming tasks, objectives) (recurrence, to create a routine). This communication is essential to consolidate the links with your colleagues and keep the whole team informed of your mission.

3/ Tame your new work ecosystem

The coworking space provided by Holiworking offers optimal working conditions:

- Pleasant place to live (hopefully, you'll spend the day there 😊)
- Open 24 hours a day
- Has all the necessary tools (Wifi, coffee machine, etc.)
- Allows you to interact with other coworkers (you'll love it 🤘🏻)

It's the assurance of staying motivated in an environment that facilitates the proper conduct of your professional mission.

Depending on the agreements previously established with your company, you can work during your best hours, whatever they may be.


4/ Remember to enjoy the experience

Don't forget that afterward; it will be too late...that would be such a shame.

The community of Holiworkers and, more broadly, coworkers offer you so many anchors and social interactions. We bet that you'll be smiling in the morning when heading to the coworking. Besides, coworkers will likely be your companions for after-work parties or outdoor activities on the weekends. Please enjoy to the fullest this life experience that will brand you. Know how to "disconnect" to make the most of these 6/12 months that go by very/too quickly.

So are you ready? You can now take full advantage of the Holilife and your new (dream)daily life. Your transition to a flexible work style will be smooth and successful.

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