BACK TO WORK... What if it was synonymous with high morale?

Published: 02-09-2021

If there is one period full of paradoxes, it is the end of summer. In addition to the beautiful days of the back-season, there is often the gloom of the return to work, which for many is synonymous with a return to a daily life that is not as "fun" as they would like.

It's not surprising that 48% of French people say they are unmotivated at the idea of returning to the office (Workday study). Despite a summer break of relaxation and freedom, employees come out of this relatively tricky period of social distancing, successive (re)confinements, and somewhat shaken health measures. The return to work is therefore complex.

So, just like the new year, the beginning of September is for some the occasion to make resolutions, whatever they are, with the idea of reinventing themselves.

Here we give you the levers for a triumphant return to work and a boosted well-being at work, a significant issue in your daily professional life.


1/ Dare to change without breaking up

After your summer vacations, you may feel like throwing everything away and leading a new life. Stop!

As with any significant change, it is wise to make your decisions calmly and without haste. Thoughtful change YES, a substantial upheaval on a whim NO. Everyday reference points are essential for everyone's balance, and Interprofessional interactions contribute significantly to this, as do family relationships.

Think about preserving your ecosystem, but don't stop it from evolving. A change of work environment contributes to this evolution and does not necessarily require a job modification. Living in a dream destination for six months or one year while keeping your job is possible and accessible to most people.

Holiworking answers your thirst for discovery and needs to be anchored, your desire for change and security, your ambition for professional evolution, and your hunger for personal fulfillment.


2/ Keep your energy up every day

If there is one thing that often coincides with the return to work, it is the anxiety or lack of motivation at the idea of returning to your office, even for the many who love their job. However, this desire is your daily engine, so it is necessary to cultivate it.

We, therefore, encourage you to continue to enjoy your daily life to the fullest when you return to the office, or rather when you return to work.

Yes, work doesn't have to be synonymous with bland, noisy, and envy-killing open spaces. That summer feeling of well-being that you love so much can last in the workplace and withstand the ravages of fall and winter.

It's as simple as a WORD: Holiworking. Changing your daily routine while keeping the basics ensures keeping the banana from Monday to Friday.

3/ Remote work is not synonymous with isolation

Are you worried about distance? Don't worry; a professional coworking space is available to ensure optimal working conditions. You can carry out your professional mission as if you were at home/office.

Moreover, the current period has shown that it is possible to ensure working conditions similar to those of the office with the right tools. Thus, depending on the chosen destination, it is possible to work synchronously (full-day or half-day) with your colleagues/collaborators and maintain the team cohesion necessary for the excellent conduct of your professional mission.

Last but not least, the coworking space is a point of convergence of talents with diverse professional profiles, which will allow you to feed your daily work/life balance as never before.

As you can see, it's a good time for a change. Living the Holiworking experience, it's the possibility to combine professional skills and personal life experience. Long live the new school year!

To learn more, it's here 👉🏼 Holiworking's offer

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