How to become a Holiworker

Published: 17-11-2021

Holiworking allows you to travel to dream destinations for 6 months or 1 year while continuing your job as a teleworker. The life of a digital nomad is yours. And we almost forgot it's at no extra cost to your company! 😉

So are you ready to go? We explain it all here. 👇

1/ What are the eligibility requirements? Who, What, How?

1.1/ You must be employed in France in the private sector. And for you, state agent (civil servant), we are working to make the experience accessible in the future.

1.2/ Your job must be 100% telework compatible during the whole Holiworking experience. You put your laptop in your suitcase and go to the destination of your dreams to do your job.

1.3/ Your employer must validate the project. We agree the idea is to make your professional and personal project converge.

2/ Financial simulation of your project

As with any personal project, you choose the destination (Bali, Thailand, Mauritius, South Africa, Cape Verde, Costa Rica, and Mexico) and the program (6 or 12 months), which your company must validate. Together, we build your project to study the feasibility of your international experience.

With Holiworking, everything is transparent. We carry out a simulation that allows you to know your standard of living on-site and, therefore, project yourself (net salary, cost of living, choice of accommodation, various expenses, etc.).

3/ We help you convince your company and take care of the administrative procedures

Once this simulation has been validated, we help you present your project to your manager/employer. Yes, it is a win-win project. We allow you to explain all the Holiworking advantages to your company (increase in competence, employer brand boost, no extra costs, solid legal framework, etc.).

Once the project has been validated, we take care of all the administrative procedures necessary for your departure (obtaining a visa, setting up social security coverage similar to that in France, amendment to the work contract, opening a bank account, etc.) and prepare your arrival in France (looking for accommodation and a school, making contact with the Holicoach).

Holiworking also provides support throughout your experience. As soon as you arrive at your destination, a Holicoach is present to make your experience as smooth as possible. We take our role as facilitators to heart.

4/ How much does it cost, and what does it include?

Holiworking provides you with social security coverage similar to France (Malakoff Humanis health and provident insurance). We also provide you with the support of a Holicoach and an equipped coworking space, free of charge. We assure you a minimum of 80% of your net salary on the spot (don't worry, it has never been less than 90%), which guarantees you a higher standard of living than in France in most destinations. For your company, there is NO OVERHEAD COST.

Finally, the boarding fees (which allow us to validate your motivation) remain reasonable.

Single: 250€ for the build-up of the project and 25€/month subscription to subscribe to all the services (Holicompanion app, events, etc.)
Couple: 380€ for the build-up of the project and 38€/month subscription to subscribe to all services (Holicompanion app, events, etc.)
Family: 480€ for the build-up of the project and 48€/month subscription to subscribe to all the services (Holicompanion app, events, etc.)

5/ On-site, you discover a favorable environment

Holiworking provides you with optimal working conditions. We provide you with an equipped coworking space (unlimited wifi, private offices, meeting rooms for video exchange, etc.).

But above all, Holiworking is the assurance of a rich life experience. You'll have a daily dream that combines your job, hobbies, and incredible encounters. For this, we organize events (after work, insertion in the associative fabric, etc.) that will facilitate your immersion in the local ecosystem to take maximum advantage of the experience.

By the way, we offer the flight for any project signed before 31/12/21. Cool no? 🛫🆓

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