Employer brand: Why it is essential to pay attention to it.

Published: 19-05-2021
employer brand

But what are we talking about exactly?

It is the entirety of a company's actions to be attractive to current and future collaborators. It is also the result of the changes in the candidate's behavior and increased competition between companies. Its importance grew fast during those past 10 years with the digitalization of the labor market. A good employer brand is the insurance of a better attractiveness and, in fine, an asset for the organization.

Today, candidates are looking for more than just a company. According to a LinkedIn study: 9 collaborators out of 10 from the generation Y, or millennials (born between the ’80s and ’90s), affirm that the choice of being part of a company is dictated by the meaning they find within it. They wish to be part of an organization that is in sync with their CSR and well-being values at work. Indeed, companies became real living spaces where collaborators are looking for well-being daily. Having a good image, especially towards potential candidates, is not an option anymore.

Investing in your employer brand is a MUST. We are presenting you the stakes of it.

1/ Attract better talents

According to a LinkedIn study, 83% of HR managers admit that employer brand has a significant impact on the capacity to recruit the best talents. Thus, a good employer brand has a positive impact on your company for potential candidates. And thus, it will help raise your odds to attract interesting profiles whenever you are hiring.
Indeed, nowadays, top talents are really sought after by employers (talent war). It is then necessary to be attractive to them and distinguish yourself from your competitors. Putting your values and your corporate culture under the spotlight is key.


2/ Retain your collaborators

If recruiting new talents is an important stake, keeping your best collaborators is also one. Why? Because before looking for new talents, you got to be able to keep your best ones as they contribute to the durability of your organization's performances. Moreover, to maintain the activity of your organization, it is essential to keep some stability in your workforce.
Your collaborators are part of the DNA of your company and they contribute to its attractiveness. Indeed, your collaborators are you first ambassadors. If they feel fulfilled and agree to your corporate culture, they will relay it to as many people as possible, thus contributing to increasing its attractiveness to new talent.

3/ Internal and external communication tool

Defining what makes your company special (culture, values, etc.) in advance of your communication strategy (towards candidates and employees) and making it known is fundamental. Never forget that with digitalization, what is done internally is known by many. Knowing how to communicate is essential. By the way, according to LinkedIn, 79% of candidates in passive job research are attentive to new opportunities and so are attentive to your employer brand. Communicating on your internal events that punctuate the life of your company and conveying positive information is an effective way to boost your attractiveness for the talents you are looking for.

Employer brand is thus an asset, and an important one at that, for your company. From retaining your best employees to recruiting new talent to communicate about your company, it is part of a global approach with high stakes.

Meeting the expectations of current and future collaborators in terms of well-being, shared values, and corporate culture is essential to ensure their total commitment and boost the attractiveness of your organization.


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employer brand

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