Giving meaning to one's daily life: A dream for many, an opportunity with Holiworking.

Published: 24-11-2021

This form of plenitude that a majority would like to reach remains for many an unsatisfied quest. This desire is multi-factorial: lack of recognition, stress, dissatisfaction... So many ills that make you question the foundations of your professional and personal life.

Every professional career has its victories, of course, and its forks in the road, difficulties, and failures, however relative they may be. It is essential to keep in mind that this feeling of helplessness in the face of doubts is natural but not inevitable. 

So how can you develop professionally and avoid your motivation and daily life deteriorating?

We will give you some keys here.

1/ Take a step back

If you see this lack of meaning as inherent to your job, remember that your approach strongly contributes to this perception. 

1.1/ Zoom out: Expand your frame to see the "big picture," like a wide-angle lens. Your point of fixation narrows and becomes part of a larger picture. You will be able to put things into perspective.

1.2/ Switch to "satellite" mode: This allows your point of view to become part of a larger ecosystem. You will be able to detach yourself from your emotional feelings alone.

1.3/ Put your approach in time: Analyze how this situation fits your life. Its possible recurrence allows you to anticipate the dynamics and learn from what you have already experienced.

1.4/ Trust your cold emotions (your intuitions rather than your epidermal reactions): Imagine observing yourself with serenity. This angle of observation allows you to project yourself and arbitrate situations with discernment.


2/ Re-align with your driving values

We have all felt at one time or another, and especially during the Covid Crisis, the "hamster wheel" effect of our daily lives. The energy invested in it seems to go straight to waste.

What are your founding values? What is important to you? What moves you? What satisfies you daily?

Discovery, encounter, mutual aid, empathy, learning, environmental protection, commitment, surpassing oneself, adventure;... These values may resonate within you.

To find satisfaction and fulfillment in your daily life, to bring water to your mill, it is essential to invest and build a project that feeds your values.

3/ Imagine your action (your job) in a new ecosystem

If you find it difficult to give meaning to your professional activities without being able/wanting to change them, look for usefulness/sense differently by changing your daily ecosystem.

This change allows you to evolve professionally and personally as a human being through a life experience outside the walls without questioning your professional mission.

You can thus combine the continuity of what nourishes you with a new environment. This virtuous circle will complement a new "routine," or somewhat daily activities, healthy and chosen.

To do this, look for the areas you want to invest in, making sense in your daily life. This new perspective on a professional mission unchanged will allow you to approach a reinvented daily routine with enthusiasm.


4/ Holiworking, the experience that accelerates meaning

Giving meaning to one's daily life is often linked to one's ability to have a positive impact on the lives of others, on our everyday environment, and/or on our feeling of usefulness. Thus, associative investment is considered a driving force for this sense of meaning through the implementation of actions in the service of others.

This is why, at Holiworking, we invite Holiworkers to associate short expatriation with an investment in the associative fabric of the destination country to get the best out of this human experience.

In addition to nourishing you humanly and spiritually, these interactions facilitate the quest for that grail, giving meaning to your daily life. Moreover, this investment boosts your immersion and nourishes the everyday lives of the people you meet during your stay.

For this, our Holicoach will accompany you, put you in touch with local actors and facilitate your access to the associative fabric.

For the rest, you are free to choose the form, the content, and the duration of this experience, which above all, remains yours.

Live the Holiworking adventure.

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