Hiring a Globe-Trotter collaborator: a boost for your organization.

Published: 01-12-2021

Recruiters are ever more confronted with candidates in need of mobility, mobility that can sometimes seem incompatible with the proper functioning of your organizations. You may think that recruiting a digital nomad is impossible, but that was before!

At Holiworking, we believe that it should be normal to work from wherever you want (and even more so in dream destinations), that teleworking does not mean breaking professional and social links, and that an international experience enriches the employee's career. All these elements are based on two strong convictions, which strengthen your employer brand.

The first is human. The international experience makes you grow, opens your mind, and develops your business and interpersonal skills. At Holiworking, most of the team has had the chance to live this experience, and we want to allow all employees and their companies to do so.

The second is that teleworking is not a fad but a trend, a new way of working, which is here to stay. It has been proven that 5 million employees could accomplish their professional mission in telework overnight in France.

So if these people can do it 10 km away from their office, why can't your employees do it 10,000 km away?   Digital nomadism is on the way, and Holiworking contributes to its democratization by making it accessible to your employees.

1/ How does it work?

If the eligibility of the globetrotting contract remains at the discretion of your organization, we recommend implementing it in the following way.

Twice a year, your employee leaves for 3 months in a dream destination without having to give up their roots and/or impact the smooth running of your organization in France: 3 months in France /3 months internationally /3 months in France /3 months internationally, etc...

2/ How to integrate your employee into the teams in France?

During the 3-month integration period, we recommend that the employee be physically present in your organization to facilitate his/her acclimatization, smooth his/her integration into the teams, and his/her knowledge of the internal processes.

During the following periods, you are free to choose the modalities of your collaborator's professional mission (face-to-face or telecommuting). Still, we recommend at least one face-to-face day per week to keep the link between your globetrotting collaborator, his colleagues, his manager, and his clients to reinforce his skills development.


3/ How do you manage your globetrotting employee abroad?

Holiworking commits to providing a coworking space equipped to ensure the good conduct of his professional mission and the follow-up of a referent coach who will take care of his integration in the local ecosystem and will be your referent making a regular reporting on the experience of your collaborator.

4/ How much does it cost?

As the Holiworking experience is a personal initiative, there is NO COST for your company. As for the other formulas, the boarding fees (which allow us to validate the motivation) remain reasonable and at the employee's expense.

Single: 250€ for the construction of the project and 25€/month subscription to subscribe to all the services (Holicompanion app, events, etc.)
Couple: 380€ for the construction of the project and 38€/month subscription to subscribe to all services (Holicompanion app, events, etc.)

Family: 480€ for the construction of the project and 48€/month subscription to subscribe to all the services (Holicompanion app, events, etc.)

Holiworking provides your collaborator with a social cover similar to France (Malakoff Humanis health and provident insurance).

At the same time, we provide the collaborator with a minimum of 80% of his/her net salary on-site (often 90 to 100%), which guarantees him/her a higher standard of living than in France and, therefore, a quality experience.

So are you ready to enter the world of work 2.0?

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