Non-standard profiles : Why are they an asset to your organization?

Published: 12-05-2021
non-standard profiles

Nowadays, companies are more and more interested in collaborators that have an atypical profile. Customs are changing, and nonconformism is on the rise. De facto, shortly, it is possible that atypical professional backgrounds (especially collaborators that had an experience abroad) become the norm.

For now, we will tell you why these atypical backgrounds can be assets for their companies.


1/ They are versatile

When specialization is key, collaborators’ versatility does not come a dime a dozen. Yet, it is an indisputable asset for organizations. Collaborators that experienced expatriation were faced with different corporate cultures, sometimes even in different fields. This allows them to become jacks of all trades by diversifying and developing their skills and knowledge, which are really important in the current period.

2/ They learn quickly and are agile

As a consequence of their off-the-beaten-track backgrounds, collaborators with an atypical profile have better than average linguistic and adaptation skills. This agility allows them to assimilate information coming from an evolving ecosystem more quickly and easily. In the current period, this capacity to comprehend change can be a lifesaver for many organizations. Even outside of their area of expertise, their learning capacities will hit the bullseye.


3/ They are motivated

Collaborators with atypical profiles are aware of their originality and are proud of it. That is why they are often eager to prove their competencies. Even more so than collaborators with more traditional profiles. Thus, they often go 200% and put their motivation to their companies’ benefit. Challenging them is assuring complete commitment from them.

4/ They are unifiers

Atypical profiles, a fortiori the ones that experienced expatriation are more curious than the average. This curiosity, associated with their motivation, is contagious and can be felt on the whole group. Thus, the other actors of the company will follow these atypical profiles’ steps as they become the center of the team's cohesion.


5/ They provide an alternative vision

This source of proposals often is a carrier of new outlooks for the company. The eclectic experience of atypical profiles gives them an alternative look at their job and their missions within the company, opening up possibilities. This alternative vision, combined with their creativity and capacity to innovate, allows tackling the company's issues under a new look that is sometimes more adapted to the stakes.


To hire an atypical profile that has experience abroad is not a risk but an opportunity for companies.


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non-standard profiles

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