Ingredients for a successful remote work experience abroad

Published: 17-02-2021
remote work abroad

Ever since the beginning of the sanitary crisis, teleworking - formerly marginal - became, with time, the most adapted way of working in this context. Thanks to new communication and information technologies, employees can work from their home or a coworking space in France or abroad.

Even if, on paper, it has many advantages, teleworking must consider some challenges to be successful. Even more so abroad.


1/ Advantages of Teleworking

1.1.   For the company

  •       It makes recruiting easier and allows better flexibility of human resources. Talents are not forced to move and can work from abroad. 
  • Reduces absenteeism and lateness, especially in big cities (in traffic jams, strikes, etc.).
  • Ease the integration of disabled employees and employees with familial obligations into the company.
  • Increases collaborators’ productivity and de facto company's competitiveness.
  • Allows retaining employees wishing to work from the place they want.

1.2.   For the collaborator

  • Gets rid of travel time as well as stress-induced by them.
  • Offers more flexible working hours.
  •       It offers an increase in autonomy and responsibility; This rise in autonomy allows the collaborator to hone their skills.
  •       It gives the collaborator the choice of their place of residence.


Nevertheless, teleworking can also have some downsides for both parties.

2/ Potential Downsides

2.1. For the company

  • Managing a collaborator remotely is complicated and requires an adaptation of the employer/employee relationship. This management must come with adapted tools, allowing clear and regular communication between team members.
  • The employer must stay vigilant and make sure that the collaborator's professional mission stays on track. Over time, a lack of investment may be observed.

2.2. For the collaborator

  • They can feel isolated and feel a true lack of stimulation and interaction with their colleagues.
  • Teleworking can be suffered from and so become counterproductive.
  • Collaborators do not always have a dedicated working space at home and must work in an unsuitable environment.

To address all those issues, Holiworking set up a structured offer to allow the collaborator and their company to ensure the well-being of the professional mission and make this experience a real success for everyone.

remote work abroad
remote work abroad

That is why we provide in the destination country:

  • A professional coworking space equipped with modern communication tools.
  • Monitoring by our Holicoach, that will make sure the collaborator’s professional mission stays on track and gives a regular report to their company.

Providing a coworking space has a positive impact on the collaborator's work quality:

  • Unlike an open space or even their home, the collaborator has dedicated private areas suited for his needs.
  • Coworking allows interaction among coworkers, so avoid a feeling of isolation that can be felt while teleworking from home.

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