10 advantages of a short expatriation

Published: 10-02-2021
short expatriation

In the current time, we are going through; many are wishing to change their everyday lives. Short expatriation answers that wish to change scenery, the need to RESET, and offers countless advantages for those who would like to try it out.

Being expatriated sounded, for a long time, something exclusive to the privileged few.

This opportunity to expatriate for a short amount of time is now available to everyone, thanks to Holiworking’s services. Here are the advantages of this adventure. 


1/ Discover a New Country

First, discovering a new country means discovering its culture. This discovery, proper to expatriation, is multifaceted: cuisine, music, traditions, holidays, turning your everyday life into a trip. Landscapes, scents, colors… There are so many things to learn about the world around us.


2/ Change One’s Everyday Life

For every person whose life consists of daily grinding, a short expatriation is the best way to take a step back and breathe. What is better to take a fresh start than traveling abroad for a few months? Some wish for exoticism and disconnection; some are thirsting for adventure or have a taste of the unknown. Travels are made of dreams. So why wait to make your dreams come true? Go for it!

3/ Learn a New Language

Without a doubt, the best way to learn a language is to be in full immersion inside a country. At first, interacting with natives that do not understand a single word of our language is puzzling, but it makes learning a new language a lot faster and easier. Thanks to this immersion, you will only need a few months to become autonomous and talk fluently. A whole new world will open right before your eyes!


4/ Make Your Children Discover the World

Traveling with your children means giving them the best chance to discover the world and its various cultures. Those educational travels will allow your children to understand and tackle what the world offers in many ways. Children need to have their own vision of the world as young as possible. Expatriating with your family also means tightening family bonds. This leap in the dark allows sharing unforgettable moments with your kin.


5/ Professional Growth

Expatriating for professional purposes offers several advantages: mastering a new language, enhance your capacity to innovate and analyze, boost reactivity and adaptability against unforeseen events, or developing skills that only expatriation can give you. Nowadays, agility is necessary in an endlessly evolving world. Companies, along with their expatriated collaborators, are benefiting from it. Experiencing expatriation means developing soft skills and having the capacity to adapt to achieve professional missions.


6/ Personal Growth

Nothing better than expatriation to enrich one’s soul. By traveling, one learns everything everywhere. Each adventure bringing more than the last. This allows us to have a new perspective of the world around us. Talking with locals means absorbing their culture and understanding it better. Comprehension, analysis, and respect of everyone … are all taught by travels that allow us to tackle the world with a new, different, and positive vision.


7/ Meet New People

Whether they are professional or personal, meetings are always beneficial. Travels make those meetings far easier. Being in complete immersion for a few months gives the opportunity to open up, take time to discover natives, and learn about one’s traveling companions. Expatriation is the chance to exchange with new people whose cultures are different from ours. Opening up means learning a lot about oneself too.


8/ Discover New Activities

A new country means new activities. Expatriation allows to try out local sports, discover the wealth of the country, access local associations. To put it in a nutshell, try out atypical hobbies. It is a chance to discover new passions and develop skills. Making this new culture your own is benefiting from everything a country has to offer.


9/ Make Your Quality of Life Better

Better weather conditions, a less stressful life, a beautiful landscape to work in, peacefulness as you wake up all influence our daily lives. It is possible to live a dream life in a country that is not yours. Expatriating for a few months is also benefiting from a better quality of life, and you have the chance to choose your surroundings, just as you want.


10/ Not Being Forced to Give Up Everything

Finally, and this is a critical point; short expatriation allows not to give up everything. Unlike long expatriation, which often means the erosion of social links (friends and family), short expatriation allows keeping a foot in the home country. Moreover, the material and logistic perspective offers more flexibility and allows people to travel for six months or a year not to sell their real estate(s). This flexibility makes returning home a lot easier, getting rid of stress linked to logistical complexities, allowing you to go back to your former daily life.

short expatriation

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