Short Expatriation : Soft-Skills enhancer

Published: 05-05-2021
soft skills

Society is changing, so is the corporate world. Good thing, short expatriation is preparing us for those changes. Navigating in an ever-evolving environment, expatriated people reinforce and develop some fundamental qualities in today's corporate world and tomorrow.

That is why the World Economic Forum, after doing a study about determining the necessary skills needed to tackle the labor market in 2020, affirms that soft skills (managerial and behavioral) are now more important than hard skills (technical).

For the collaborator, it is the insurance of better employability. For the employer, the opportunity to have a wider range of skills in their organization. So, for recruiters and HR, the stake is now high.

We are presenting you here the soft skills that a short expatriation will allow you to develop:

1/ Curiosity and open-mindedness

Essential to constructive thinking, curiosity and open-mindedness allow applying what happens outside the walls into working methods, management, and other professional fields within the company. In this respect, short expatriation really helps to develop the collaborators’ ability to question their surroundings. This capacity materializes itself in people that experienced expatriation through a craving for discovery and a sense of wonder that comes from open-mindedness. When digitalization, new technologies, a sanitary crisis, and more globally, a mutation of the working world is happening, this faculty to not have preconceptions and a fascination for new things are decisive assets for companies.


2/ Adaptability and Agility

Adaptability (being able to assimilate a new environment) and agility (being able to assimilate smoothly) are key elements in expatriation but so are they in the working world. Indeed, in the current context, the capacity to apprehend/assimilate changes and have keys to interpret them to bring the right solutions became essential. A short expatriation develops this capacity and allows tackling change not as a threat but as an opportunity. Having this point of view towards what became our daily life is a key asset for companies to tackle coming changes with peace of mind.

3/ Trust and Audacity

Self-trust and trust in others allow progressing as a team towards a common goal. In fact, if the whole process of expatriating needs some audacity. During its duration, it develops trust in every aspect. Indeed, expats get this feeling of excitement and galvanization while dealing with small or big wins daily. This state of mind even lasts after returning home and can be seen by a proactive dynamism coming from ex-expatriated. Their audacity and initiative often make them leaders! Unlike nerves (characteristic of insolence), these result from a thoughtful vision born of a form of courage in the face of the unknown.


4/ New vision

Expatriation always comes with unforeseen events. Against those events, to take a step back about one's emotions and others', to weigh the pros and cons, all while being pragmatic allows acting with another vision and with composure. When the context does not allow hasty decisions, these skills are essential to the well-being of the professional mission.

soft skills
soft skills

5/ Communication and empathy

Being able to convey the right message, with the right words, to the good person and at the right time... A whole program and art that short expatriation teaches! Indeed, who says expatriation means drastic changes in communication: new language, new culture, new habits, and customs. Thus, expatriation act as a catalyst for all of that. It allows expatriated people to develop the sensitivity, nuances, and comprehension necessary to address people who do not think the same way as we do. It also teaches to approach others with more empathy and benevolence, to listen to their differences, which is important for the well-being of teamwork.

In short, expatriation is the insurance of increased emotional intelligence and superior human skills necessary for the challenges of tomorrow.

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