Holitour episode 1 : Mauritius

Published: 26-01-2022

For the first leg of our "world tour," we headed for the Indian Ocean. Our first stop is Mauritius, formerly called the Island of France, in the heart of the Mascarene archipelago between Reunion Island and Rodrigues Island.

Well known to tourists from all over the world, the island has become much more than a simple tourist stopover since the beginning of the COVID crisis. Its way of life, its pleasant climate throughout the year, its idyllic landscapes, and the cultural melting pot that it offers are all assets for a sweet life. There is no wonder why so many digital nomads have chosen to live here.

We explain to you why the Holife in Mauritius will seduce you.

1/ Welcome home

As soon as you get off the plane, you have this strange feeling of coming home with a change of scenery. The hospitality of Mauritians plunges you into an atmosphere that is both different and yet so easy to understand. Therefore, it is difficult to get out of the cliché "Mauritians are nice"... But in the end, it is true, Mauritians are as lovely, as welcoming, and generous. Just like the climate, they are warm, sunny, and happy.

On the program: smiles, benevolence, and simplicity, in the image of a mixed population.


2/ Ease of installation

The ease of access and organization of daily life are significant island assets. The quality of life is outstanding (ask expats) for solo Holiworkers and families. Direct flights from the mainland make the trip easy and comfortable. On-site, interactions with locals, are facilitated by the French language, and this ease of communication boosts your immersion. You can taste the colorful melting pot. Families are also at ease since the infrastructures dedicated to children are numerous and high-quality. In short, the Holiworking experience in Mauritius is an "easy life" for all. 

3/ Working as if you were in France

Despite the 11h flight from France, there is no risk of jet lag. The island has only 2 hours difference with France in summer and 3 hours in winter. The fluid communication with your colleagues and the possibility of working synchronously guarantee you a seamless professional mission, despite the distance. Combined with the coworking space (rather nice 😊) provided by Holiworking, it's the assurance of being able to work as from your Parisian offices, and that's the best.


4/ Plenty of activities and entertainment

The Holiworking experience is the possibility of continuing your professional mission on the other side of the world. Still, it is also the opportunity to do out-of-the-box activities in exceptional places.

You can experience an XXL playground on land or in the sea, with activities as varied as kiteboarding, canyoning, trail running, or diving on the coral reef. Open your eyes, and the show is in front of you!

You can also rely on committed people, sensitive to preserving their ecosystem, invested in an eco-responsible approach, guided by the goal of marrying the environment rescue with the sharing of human experiences. Lokal Adventure, but not only, is part of this approach.


5/ Mixed population and melting pot

Mauritius's cultural richness is consubstantial to the island's identity. At the crossroads of Indian, Chinese, African, and European influences. This richness is unmistakable (a treat) in music and worship practices. A clever mixture worth the island "dressed" with churches, Hindu temples, and various pilgrimage places. Mauritius ethnic mix is an example of living together with Buddhist, Christian, and Muslim customs and traditions in perfect harmony.

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