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Published: 07-07-2021

Just like a good dish, a company must have "pep" and give desire. This is even more true in the digital age, where the attractiveness of an organization is a significant issue. Attracting and retaining today's and tomorrow's often volatile talent must be at the heart of HR policy.

This is why many organizations have been transforming their professional ecosystems by providing their employees with a more pleasant working environment. Over the last five years, baby foods, tea rooms, and other relaxation areas have flourished, intending to copy the Anglo-Saxon model, making the company a place to live in its own right. It is clear that this is not enough and that employees expect more than simple "well-being" environments, often on the façade.

To meet this need, companies are now offering their teams the possibility of working from home or in third-party locations. While this represents a natural step forward, it only partially meets the needs of employees and does not open up the whole field of possibilities.

Holiworking, the HR innovation that enhances the employer brand, responds to this challenge; we explain how! 

1/ Increasing the employees' skills

The attractiveness of a company is often/always a reflection of what happens internally. The professional environment offered to employees must therefore be conducive to their development. The status quo, still de rigueur in some companies, contributes to this sclerosis. Changing codes, offering new horizons to employees, opening up the organization to change, and standing out from the competition is necessary today. An innovative HR policy must accompany this evolution at the service of the employees. Holiworking contributes to the development of their skills and boosts the development of their soft skills:

  • Curiosity and open-mindedness
  • Adaptability and agility
  • Confidence and boldness
  • A sense of perspective
  • Communication and empathy


2/ Performance booster

Employees are the heart of the company; without them, it is difficult to move forward. Also, an organization where employees have difficulty giving meaning to their mission will find its development constrained. It is therefore essential to have at one's disposal tools/solutions that can meet the expectations/needs of employees and thus have a positive influence on :

  • Motivation
  • Involvement
  • Autonomy

Holiworking allows partner companies to be part of this approach by strengthening the 4 pillars of their performance:

  • The human factor
  • The investment (of the teams)
  • The development of skills and know-how
  • The achievement of objectives


3/ Employer brand boost

In an increasingly competitive and open job market, candidates and employees seek more than a "simple job" and want to give meaning to their daily actions. Being in line with the company's values is particularly important. The ability of the company to meet these needs is the guarantee of a recognized employer brand, a symbol of its attractiveness.

Holiworking ensures that current and future employees' professional and personal projects are in line with each other and enables organizations to consolidate their employer brand.


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